Strong Hold | Matte Finish

C.L.U.B. Hair Moulding Clay (Weight: 85g) is what your styling arsenal needs for those days when you want to look a little more natural. This premium product provides more hold than a typical pomade, making it ideal for thin or fine hair by giving you increased texture and volume. It’s also great for oily scalps, neutralising oil and leaving a matte finish that makes your hair appear thicker. Plus, there’s less risk of your hairstyle losing shape due to sweat, humidity, or high winds.

Pre-Styler | Styling with Sea Salt Spray

This natural C.L.U.B Sea Salt spray (Weight: 150ml) gives your hair better movement, volume, and texture, creating an almost wavy effect with a reworkable hold. Sea Salt Spray provides a relaxed light hold, rinses off easily with water, and leaves no greasy residue. Perfect for soft, fine, and limp hair, our formula adds just the right amount of hold, volume, and shape.

For Thicker Hair & Volume

C.L.U.B. Dust Styling Powder (Weight: 10g) is your secret weapon for achieving instant volume and texture. This matte styling hair powder provides a medium hold that lasts all day, ensuring your hair never looks flat. After using C.L.U.B. Dust Styling Powder just once on your thin hair, you’ll be amazed by the results. Though the bottle may look small, it goes a long way in providing the volume and texture you need.

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