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Achieve flawless results with the C.L.U.B. Hairline Optimiser and Spray-On Applicator, two essential accessories designed to maximize the effectiveness of C.L.U.B. Keratin Hair Fibres.
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Styling Targeting Fine and Thinning Hair – An Advanced Hair Care Solution

C.L.U.B. Professional Hair Care Treatment provides an instant solution for thicker, stronger, and healthier-looking hair. Our hair fibres, made from natural keratin, blend perfectly with your hair, concealing and covering thinning and receding areas with immediate, effective results. Ideal for use on the crown or hairline, these fibres add density and natural-looking fullness to thinning hair. Our keratin plant-based fibres are statically charged to attach to individual strands of hair.

Weight:  15g each (2 containers)

Warning: This product is for external use only. Avoid contact with eyes (if the product gets into the eyes, rinse with warm water immediately). Keep out of reach of children. Do not use it on sensitive skin. Consult with your doctor. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Use ONLY as directed. Avoid inhaling hair fibres (keep your mouth closed or wear a face mask).

Instant Natural-Looking Results: Keratin-based fibres are the same protein found in hair, leaving a completely natural look and merging with your hair to make it visibly thicker and denser. Keratin Natural Hair Fibres are so good that they’re used daily by the CEO and founder of CLUB Professional Hair Care and Styling Collections.


Hairline Optimiser:

C.L.U.B. Hairline Optimiser is a keratin hair fibre comb designed to enhance the natural look when used with Keratin Hair Fibres. Specifically crafted to prevent keratin hair fibres from falling into your eyes or onto your face, this product is essential for achieving perfect hairline results.

Weight: 150ml

Spray-On Applicator:

The hair fibre spray-on applicator is a highly convenient accessory for use with C.L.U.B. Keratin Hair Fibres. Enabling precise application into targeted areas of thinning hair, the spray-on applicator ensures uniform dispersion of the fibres, resulting in a more natural appearance.


Additional Information:

Hair Building Fibres – Perfect for Men and Women:

For enhanced fuller, thicker-looking hair, we recommend these 3 amazing products:

  • Use CLUB Tag Team Duo Applicator and Optimiser (Sold Separately)
  • Add CLUB Dust Styling Powder for Volume, Thicker Hair, and Strong Hold (Sold Separately)
  • Complete with a professional CLUB look using texturizing and fibre hold Sea Salt Spray, securing fibres against wind, rain, and perspiration (Sold Separately).


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